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Radio 2 Australia - Radio 2 Australia - April 2005

World class radio jingles for world class radio stations from the team at Music 4.

Radio 2 Australia - Radio 2 Australia

Ref #002691 - April 2005
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Audio Highlights

All Music 4 Audio / Video is protected under international copyright law and is provided here only as a demonstration of our work. Unauthorised broadcast, copying, web streaming, or any other use of our work is strictly prohibited.

Project Info

Music 4 goes down under.

Radio 2 has set out to deliver a fresh and innovative format which has not been heard in Australia before and the promise that Radio 2 is where real music lives.

Music 4 have produced the music imaging package using all real instruments to complement the stations music output.

Client Info

Radio 2 is the only national commercial digital broadcaster on the digital audio channel of the Austar (channel 2) and Foxtel (channel 831) subscription TV platforms and is also the only Australian commercial radio broadcaster to transmit on the Worldspace Asia digital satellite platform into South East Asia and Northern Australia. Also online at