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BFBS - Full Station Package - September 2000

World class radio jingles for world class radio stations from the team at Music 4.

BFBS - Full Station Package

Ref #001295 - September 2000
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Audio Highlights

Audio Highlights

All Music 4 Audio / Video is protected under international copyright law and is provided here only as a demonstration of our work. Unauthorised broadcast, copying, web streaming, or any other use of our work is strictly prohibited.

This project and presentation was produced under our former name of Vibe Music & Audio Imaging. Please be assured all copyright in this work is now owned by Music 4 Ltd throughout the world.

Project Info

New cuts for BFBS Forces Radio.

New cuts for BFBS Forces Radio from September 2000.

Client Info

BFBS is a pop and information channel targeted at younger soldiers, sailors and airmen. Broadcasting to bases all over the world, the station offers a rich mix of the modern radio available in the UK, from Richard Allinson to a weekly relay from The Ministry of Sound, as well as programmes specially made in the UK.