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Updated Chris Moyles jingles for October 2011. Enjoy Richard the jingle singer trying to get his vocals around some Welsh place names!
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New jingles for Magic 105.4 - London's Number 1 commercial radio station
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Music 4 package originally created for Spin Southwest in Ireland hits the airwaves of Rock FM in sunny Cyprus.
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The lush, full orchestral sound of the Chris Moyles Show theme finally gets 'that missing part' ... a Kazoo!
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This is what happens when you let the listeners write some of the jingles and let the jingle singers bring their mobile phones into the studio!
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Volvo Snowbombing 2011
April 2011
Ref #004721
Airing on Channel 4, this series provided musical highlights of the popular "Snowbombing" festival as well as interviews with some of the acts perf...
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