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Music 4 Studios have created the stereo and 5.1 mix of Tim Minchin’s latest DVD release, “So F**king Rock Live” filmed at London’s Bloomsbu...
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Music 4 mixed the audio for Iron Maiden's "A Matter of Life and Death" DVD. The documentary follows the legendary Iron Maiden during the making ...
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The Making of "Under The Iron Sea"
April 2006
Ref #002828
Music 4 studios mixes Keane's The Making of "Under The Iron Sea", combining live and documentary footage of the writing of their third album.
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96.9 Viking FM
Foxy & Tom At Breakfast
July 2005
Ref #002743
Up The Apples And Pears For New Themes For Viking's Foxy & Tom
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Ugly Smoking
July 2005
Ref #002736
The Central Office of Information - Stop Smoking Campaign.
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