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Music 4's long running relationship with "Liverpool's Hit Music Station" continues with this update to their on air branding.
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Gulliver's Travles
Gulliver's Travels
December 2010
Ref #004612
In the lead up to Christmas, Music 4 was asked to sound mix a series of adverts for the blockbuster film "Gulliver's Travels", starring Jack Black.
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Faithless Live in Moscow DVD
November 2008
Ref #003333
“Faithless Live in Moscow” - Mixed in 5.1 by Music 4 Studios...
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Music 4 Studios have created the stereo and 5.1 mix of Tim Minchin’s latest DVD release, “So F**king Rock Live” filmed at London’s Bloomsbu...
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Music 4 presents...brand new music imaging for Radio City 96.7, Liverpool.
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Live Earth
Live Earth 2007
July 2007
Ref #003185
Music 4 designs and mixes Live Earth video promos.
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Music 4 provide the 5.1 mix for the Primals first live DVD release to coincide with the band's 25th anniversary on their Riot City Blues tour.
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Music 4 delivers the 5.1 mix for the "Mighty Boosh Live" DVD
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Melanie C
Melanie C "Live Hits" DVD
September 2006
Ref #002958
Music 4 Studios provides the 5.1 mix for Melanie C's first Live DVD - "Live Hits"
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WFTL Live 85
Full Station Package
April 2003
Ref #002060
Full station package for WFTL Live 85 from April 2003.
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UMTV For Channel Five
Live With Chris Moyles
September 2002
Ref #001879
Live with Chris Moyles aired throughout summer 2002 across the UK on Five. Music 4 produced these 'live sounding' rock tracks to fit in with the at...
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Imaging for BBC Five Live Sports Extra from February 2002.
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Music Imaging for BBC Five Live Sports Extra.
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BBC Five Live
Beds / Themes
February 2001
Ref #001522
Beds and Themes for BBC Five Live.
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BBC London Live
Full Station Package
December 2000
Ref #001497
This third package for BBC London Live contains a further selection of news, travel and programme beds. This package has also formed part of a synd...
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