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New jingles for Magic 105.4 - London's Number 1 commercial radio station
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A new addition to the fabulous Magic 105.4 jingle package for Summer 2010. This theme was also adopted as the main breakfast show theme for Neil Fox.
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BBC London 2010
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Check out the launch package for Absolute Radio (the new name for Virgin Radio) from the team at Music 4
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95.8 Capital FM
New Jingles
April 2008
Ref #003520
Check out the new Music 4 jingle package for Capital 95.8 - London's Hit Music Station.
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BBC London
Full Station Package
January 2008
Ref #003402
On air across London from Feb 2008, welcome to the fresh new imaging package for BBC London 94.9
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Music 4 provide the 5.1 mix for the Primals first live DVD release to coincide with the band's 25th anniversary on their Riot City Blues tour.
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Producers of ‘Queer Eye’ commissioned Music 4 to provide around forty featured and incidental music tracks for the UK version of this hit US show.
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BBC London
Full Station Package
September 2001
Ref #001659
The aim of this package was to carry the brand values of BBC TV's news imaging.
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BBC London Live
Full Station Package
December 2000
Ref #001497
This third package for BBC London Live contains a further selection of news, travel and programme beds. This package has also formed part of a synd...
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BBC London Live
Full Station Package
June 2000
Ref #001160
This package was produced for the launch of BBC London Live (formally GLR). A new logo and a new sound for BBC local radio's flagship station serv...
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BBC London Live
Full Station Package
March 2000
Ref #001067
This was the second package for BBC London Live including themes for the various different programmes the station broadcasts, together with updated...
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