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U 105.8
Custom Cuts
November 2005
Ref #002766a
Northern Ireland's U105 launches with a Music 4 package.
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BBC Radio 1
Chris Moyles Jingles
October 2005
Ref #002767
Chris Moyles October 2005
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V - The Production Library
V Xmas 2
September 2005
Ref #V121
Christmas is coming.....the beats are getting phat!
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Ugly Smoking
July 2005
Ref #002736
The Central Office of Information - Stop Smoking Campaign.
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Phones, Tones and More
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Scott Mills On BBC Radio 1 Breakfast
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Featuring contemporary production styles and a large dose of Indian/Asian flavour
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BBC Three
Destination 3
February 2005
Ref #002702
Superb BBC produced images are brought to life by Music 4's stunning music and sound design.
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V - The Production Library
V Jazz 1
January 2005
Ref #V116
This is Jazz, but not as you know it.
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Custom themes and stagers for Sky One's 'The Real Mrs Robinson'.
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Key 103
Full Station Package
October 2004
Ref #002605
9 cuts for Key 103
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Capital Disney
Full Station Package
September 2004
Ref #002603
It's your music, your way on the digital radio station exclusively for kids. Capital Disney wanted to freshen up their imaging and so they commissi...
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Custom Imaging For two key BBC stations
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Producers of ‘Queer Eye’ commissioned Music 4 to provide around forty featured and incidental music tracks for the UK version of this hit US show.
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Themes and Stagers for 'England's Dream Team'
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