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Wave 105
Wave 105 Jingles - January 2013
January 2013
Ref #004999
2013 kicks off for a new set of jingles for Wave 105.
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Music 4 package originally created for Spin Southwest in Ireland hits the airwaves of Rock FM in sunny Cyprus.
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Orange Rockcorps 2009
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Music 4 Studios have created the stereo and 5.1 mix of Tim Minchin’s latest DVD release, “So F**king Rock Live” filmed at London’s Bloomsbu...
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BBC Radio 1
Chris Moyles Jingles
May 2008
Ref #003582
May 2008 updates for Chris Moyles.
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Scott Mills in for Chris Moyles - January 2008
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Virgin Radio
New Jingles
April 2007
Ref #003126
Summer comes early thanks to new Virgin Radio package!
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Melanie C
Melanie C "Live Hits" DVD
September 2006
Ref #002958
Music 4 Studios provides the 5.1 mix for Melanie C's first Live DVD - "Live Hits"
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Virgin Radio
Imaging Package
January 2006
Ref #002779
Hot new music imaging package for Virgin Radio.
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Themes and Stagers for 'England's Dream Team'
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V - The Production Library
V.Rock 1
April 2004
Ref #V108
We never need to be asked twice to plug in our vintage guitars and amps
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Jul 22
Jun 10
Jim Kerr at Music 4 Studios
Wed, 10 Jun 2009
Apr 22
Nov 11
New to buy on DVD...
Tue, 11 Nov 2008