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Investigation Discovery is a television network that features documentary-style programming dealing with criminal investigations, and other crime-r...
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Rio: The Movie
Rio: The Movie - Adverts
April 2011
Ref #004714
As part of the television advertising drive for the smash hit film "Rio", Music 4 was responsible for the sound mix on a series of adverts which ai...
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Volvo Snowbombing 2011
April 2011
Ref #004721
Airing on Channel 4, this series provided musical highlights of the popular "Snowbombing" festival as well as interviews with some of the acts perf...
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Plan B
Plan B - Writing's on The Wall
February 2011
Ref #004684
Taken from the UK number 1 album "The Defamation of Strickland Banks" by British rapper Plan B, "The Writing's on the Wall" was released as a re-cu...
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February 2011
Ref #004656
It was a pleasure to be involved in this campaign for the World Wildlife Fund. The film highlights the need for us to take responsibility for our p...
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Gulliver's Travles
Gulliver's Travels
December 2010
Ref #004612
In the lead up to Christmas, Music 4 was asked to sound mix a series of adverts for the blockbuster film "Gulliver's Travels", starring Jack Black.
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The Hoosiers
The Hoosiers - Choices
June 2010
Ref #004428
Choices was the first single to be released from the Hoosiers' second album "The Illusion of Safety", and Music 4 was asked to sound design and mix...
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Red Planet
Holiday Extras
January 2010
Ref #0004268
We've recently completed a series of virals for Holiday Extras (sound design, voice record and mix)
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Cartoonito / Turner Broadcasting
Go And...
October 2009
Ref #004113
Go And...
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Orange Rockcorps 2009
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JD Set Presents
Channel 4: 4Music
July 2009
Ref #004063
JD Set Presents: Dan Black
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Smirnoff Experience
Channel 4
July 2009
Ref #004089
Smirnoff Experience > U.R The Night
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Expedia Scandinavia
June 2009
Ref #004039
Expedia Commercials
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Marks & Spencer
January 2009
Ref #003879
Marks & Spencer TV
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World Vision "Would You?"
July 2008
Ref #003739
Music 4 Studios has created stunning sound design for an award winning viral campaign for World Vision produced by our friends at Meteorite & RSA t...
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