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It was the biggest thing to happen to the UK for many many years... (and The Olympics were pretty awesome too!). It's The Chris Moyles 2012 Olympic...
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BBC Three Counties Radio have returned to Music 4 for their 5th music imaging package..
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BBC London
Full Station Package
January 2008
Ref #003402
On air across London from Feb 2008, welcome to the fresh new imaging package for BBC London 94.9
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First class beds perfect for sport and other stuff too.
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Themes and Stagers for 'England's Dream Team'
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BBC Grandstand Menu Themes
January 2004
Ref #002357
Menu sequences for BBC 2's Sunday Grandstand.
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V - The Production Library
V.Sport 1
August 2002
Ref #V103
This CD is a goldmine of fast and furious tracks
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Imaging for BBC Five Live Sports Extra from February 2002.
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Music Imaging for BBC Five Live Sports Extra.
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Ocean FM
Full Station Package
January 2001
Ref #001513
Fresh Ocean FM imaging.
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New cuts for Five Live Sports Extra.
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Talk Sport
Full Station Package
January 2000
Ref #000982
A package of themes and idents reflecting the wide variety of sporting events covered by Talk Sport.
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