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Volvo Snowbombing 2011
April 2011
Ref #004721
Airing on Channel 4, this series provided musical highlights of the popular "Snowbombing" festival as well as interviews with some of the acts perf...
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Red Planet
Holiday Extras
January 2010
Ref #0004268
We've recently completed a series of virals for Holiday Extras (sound design, voice record and mix)
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Cartoonito / Turner Broadcasting
Go And...
October 2009
Ref #004113
Go And...
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Expedia Scandinavia
June 2009
Ref #004039
Expedia Commercials
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World Vision "Would You?"
July 2008
Ref #003739
Music 4 Studios has created stunning sound design for an award winning viral campaign for World Vision produced by our friends at Meteorite & RSA t...
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Th1ng / NBC Universal
February 2008
Ref #003477
Th1ng / NBC Universal
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Fremantle Media For ITV
Design Wars
September 2003
Ref #002236
Custom music for ITV's 'Design Wars'.
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