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106.3 Bridge FM - 106.3 Bridge FM - August 2003

World class radio jingles for world class radio stations from the team at Music 4.

106.3 Bridge FM - 106.3 Bridge FM

Ref #002098f - August 2003
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All Music 4 Audio / Video is protected under international copyright law and is provided here only as a demonstration of our work. Unauthorised broadcast, copying, web streaming, or any other use of our work is strictly prohibited.

Project Info

Tindle Radio Group Imaging

Kevin Stewart, chief executive of Tindle Radio Holdings, knows that high quality, memorable branding plays a major part in audience recall when filling in those all important rajar diaries. the brief for this latest groupwide package was 'make it big' we did.

Huge tracks, huge vocals and a full string section recorded in Studio 1 at the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

Client Info

Serving Bridgend, Bridge FM plays a mix of classic and contemporary hit music.