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GCAP - The One Network - SGR FM - Full Station Package - November 2007

World class radio jingles for world class radio stations from the team at Music 4.

GCAP - The One Network - SGR FM - Full Station Package

Ref #003193w - November 2007
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Audio Highlights

All Music 4 Audio / Video is protected under international copyright law and is provided here only as a demonstration of our work. Unauthorised broadcast, copying, web streaming, or any other use of our work is strictly prohibited.

Project Info

GCAP - The One Network - the brand new network imaging package from Music 4.

Music 4 has been commissioned by GCAP Media Plc to undertake one of the biggest music imaging projects ever seen in the UK. A new suite of music idents have been composed and then customised for all stations in ‘The One Network’.

21 stations in the network have taken delivery of their new music imaging package which equates to 40 hours of music composition and production, 40 hours of vocal recording, 155 hours of post production, mixing, dubbing & copying and 160 CDs dispatched containing around 3 hours of audio per station!

The package contains a breakfast show theme, five daytime imaging cuts plus new beds for news, sport & travel and will roll out across the network of 35 stations over the summer.

Here's the version for SGR FM.

Client Info

Broadcasting to more than 7 million listeners every week, The One Network is GCap Media's mainstream commercial radio network across the UK.