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The Mighty Boosh - "The Mighty Boosh" Live DVD

Ref #002889 - October 2006
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Project Info

Music 4 delivers the 5.1 mix for the "Mighty Boosh Live" DVD

Dir: Nick Morris

In 2006, The Mighty Boosh recommenced their live stage show with a sell-out UK tour, culminating in two extra dates at the Brixton Academy for the filming of a DVD.

Music 4 provided the 5.1 mix of the Brixton show for the DVD release which went on to be nominated for Best Stage Comedy award in the British Comedy Awards 2006 and won the 2007 Chortle award for the best full-length show.

Client Info

The Mighty Boosh is a British cult comedy which has taken on several incarnations as a series of stage shows, a BBC radio series and a BBC Three TV series. The Mighty Boosh was created by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, who star as Howard Moon and Vince Noir respectively. The show is about the two friends and their surreal and magical adventures.

The title comes from a comment Noel heard about his brother's (Michael Fielding) hair by a Portuguese friend. "When he was young, he had really curly hair and his little friend when he was five used to say "You've got a mighty bush!", [but his accent made "bush" sound like "boosh"]. I thought it was funny, I just overheard them say that once and thought "Mighty boosh, that's quite cool" We didn't want to be Barratt and Fielding, that sounds dreadful."

As a stage show, The Mighty Boosh had no strict setting, but for the radio series and the first television series the action was based around a zoo called Bob Fossil's Funworld ("Where fun, plus world, equals... Worldfun") and later The Zooniverse. Though the episodes would invariably begin and end in the zoo, the action would tend to leave the zoo for more bizarre realms, such as the arctic tundra and limbo. The second series had an even looser setting, based in a flat in Dalston. Fielding and Barratt are currently working on a third series.