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Studio Hire & Audio Post Production

Sound Studios / Voice Over Studios / Recording Studios and Audio Post Production Studios in Soho, London.

Sound to Picture Studios and Sound Design Studios in Soho, London

  1. Mixes for TV, radio, games, music, DVD and Multimedia.
  2. Access some of the best equipped audio studios in London.
  3. Mix and dub in Stereo and 5.1 surround.
  4. Lay back audio only, QuickTime or Digi Beta (SD or HD).
  5. Bring your own engineer or use our specialists (in house and freelance).

Want to get all technical? - Click Here for details!

Enjoy working in a studio that feels like a home from home in the middle of London and have quick access to vocal booths for overdubs / voice overs and access additional sound effects and music quickly and efficiently.

Hourly and day rates are available. Call us for more details for your next project or to pop in for a chat. 020 7016 2000