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Epson - HD Projector - Extreme Gamer

Ref #004265 - December 2009
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All Music 4 Audio / Video is protected under international copyright law and is provided here only as a demonstration of our work. Unauthorised broadcast, copying, web streaming, or any other use of our work is strictly prohibited.

Project Info

Extreme Gamer

Extreme Gaming - strap an Epson HD ready projector to your front, a PS3 to your back and take gaming to a whole new level. This is Need for Speed taken to new heights... and when music was needed to help create the desired effect, Music 4 was called upon to create an atmospheric piece of music that really compliments this outstanding video.

With over half a million hits in less than a week, this You Tube phenomenon will continue to hit dizzy heights.

Client Info

Bringing video games to life, the HD ready Epson EH-TW450 will make you feel like you're part of the game or movie.

Users can play video games, watch sports events, enjoy movies and even view holiday photos, all on a cinema-style display that is six times bigger than a 52 inch flat screen television.

The bright is guaranteed by the Epson 3LCD imaging technology and the high colour output allows you to watch in broad daylight.