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JAN 27

Autotune Magic for BBC Radio 1!

Thursday, 27 January 2011
Autotune Magic for BBC Radio 1!

Music 4 are often asked to do 'almost impossible things' and Radio 1's latest request was no different... make Tina Daheley from The Chris Moyles Show sing in tune!

On playing the new Chris Brown / Chipmunk track on Radio 1, Chris wondered if they could remove Chris Brown and replace him with someone else. Tone deaf Tina offered and we were asked to work our magic.

Tina recorded her vocals at Music 4 studios yesterday afternoon and the results were played out on Radio 1 early this morning.

Check out the audio here, or watch a video of the session below

The final track went down a storm with Chris and the team on the show and the audience loved it too.

Commenting on her Twitter account, Tina said "I am properly overwhelmed by all the love for my vocals, I actually feel like a popstar"