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Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave - Breaking records and saving lifes!

Congratulations to Chris Moyles, Comedy Dave and the entire team at BBC Radio 1 for the monumental, record breaking 52 hour broadcast for Comic Relief.

The broadcast raised a huge amount of money (over 2.6 million pounds) and created some of the best radio ever heard in the UK. It was also watched by millions of people on the BBC Red Button and Radio 1 Website.

Chris and Dave now hold the record for BBC Radio 1's longest ever show and the world's longest music radio programme.

It was of course our great pleasure to create all of the imaging beds and elements used throughout the show including all of the post production featuring US voice talent Paul Turner (over 100 openers / id's and stagers).

New beds and mixes were also created as the show went out as we reacted to what was happening on-air.

We are extremely proud to have played a part in this record breaking radio show and we hope Chris, Dave and the team at Radio 1 get a lot of sleep this weekend!

Click here to catch just some of the amazing highlights.